Sean Carman Motorsports "Archived" News

BRIDGEPORT, NJ (August 11, 2006)
Limited Sprint Feature (20 Laps) –
1. Bill Jackson  2. Jim Wyers  3. JJ Grasso  4. Mike Piersig  5. Jeff Mueller  6. Tyler Ramirez  7. Sean Carman  8. Torrey Rose  9. Tim Iulg  10. Bob Rasmussen  11. TJ Petroni  12. Marty McCabe  13. Keith Anderson  14. Brian Powell  15. Chuck Palmucci  16. Art Valdesere  17. John Baker  18. Dave Brown  19. Chris Cyle  20. Doug Smith  21. Jonathan Swanson  22. Jack Curtis  23. Andrew Weldon  DNS – Frank Polimeda

Saturday July 15, 2006. Shenandoah Speedway.

Friday July 14,2006. Bridgeport Speedway

July 12, 2006: Sean Carman Motorsports Schedule for the Up-Coming Weekend -

     Friday July 14, 2006 - Sean Carman is pleased to announce that he will be back at the big 5/8 Mile Dirt Oval at Bridgeport Speedway this Friday night driving a Limited Sprint Car for Joe Grandinetti Motorsports. Practice starts at 6:30 pm and Racing starts at 7:00 pm.

     Saturday July 15, 2006 - Sean will be back on the road and racing his Sean Carman Motorsports owned #47 USAC Ford Focus Midget. The team will be traveling down to Shenandoah Virginia for a 35-Lap Main event at Shenandoah Speedway. This will be Sean's 11th start in the USAC Midget.

Please Check back Monday for updates, photos, and results!! Thank you!

Above Picture taken at East Carolina Motor Speedway During an Autograph Session on the Front Stretch of the Speedway. July 8, 2006.

Wall Township Speedway Up For Northeast Focus Cars

INDIANAPOLIS – USAC Northeast Ford Focus Midget Car Series drivers head to New Jersey for the first time in series history Saturday with a race at Wall Township Speedway in Belmar.

Only 11 points separate series leader Sean Carman, Ryan Smith and Jeff Abold heading into the event at the central New Jersey track, a battle that has seen four different point leaders already this season.

Smith overtook Abold in the standings following the first race Saturday at Oswego Speedway in New York, leading the final 22 laps of the 25-lap feature. Trailing Smith were early season point leader Nick Wean, Aaron Wall, Carman and Jesse State. The race was a rescheduled event from May 13.

But Carman’s third-place finish in the second feature gave him the lead by five points over Smith. Abold won the race, ahead of early race leader Shawn Gosselin, Carman, Ginny Quinones and Wall. Smith finished eighth.

Sean Carman Takes over Point Lead in the USAC Northeast Ford Focus Series!!!

1.Sean Carman 237

2.Ryan Smith 232

3.Jeff Abold 226

4.Nick Wean 201

5.Aaron Wall 196

June 19, 2006: A more detailed write up and pictures will follow shortly. Here's a quick re-cap of the 47 Racing Team Weekend at Oswego Speedway in Oswego, NY. The team had a great weekend up north as they had a top five finish in both of the feature events. During the make-up feature event that was rained out on May 13th...Sean started the race in 6th place and brought the #47 Lentini Auto Salvage/Pleasure Pools Stealth Midget in 4th place. To start out the "regular" events for the evening...Sean started in the last row of the first heat race. As the green flag dropped Sean took the lead on the first lap and led the entire 10-Lap Heat race to take the win. Starting 8th in the 14-Car field for the second feature event, Sean brought the car home in 3rd place. The car was a good enough car to win, but the tires went away about 10 laps into the race.

June 10, 2006: Sean and the team did not have the type of trip to North Carolina that they wanted to. Out of the trailer the car was not handling as Sean wanted it to. He time trialed 9th fastest. On the 9th lap of the feature, two cars ahead of Sean got together. Sean locked up the brakes trying to stop in time. Rick Fedrizzi started to flip and flipped into the side of the #47 Stealth Midget. Although Sean was unhurt, the car was. Sean had to park the car for the rest of the night.

June 7, 2006: Sean and the team are ready to go for this weekend! Just a reminder...They will be racing at Hickory Motor Speedway in Hickory NC this weekend for a 35-Lap Main Event.

Other News: A "Guestbook" has been added June 7, 2006. Please feel free to view and sign the guestbook. The Link for the guestbook is located to the left. Thank you.

June 3, 2006: RAIN, RAIN, AND MORE RAIN!! With rain covering most of the Northeast, The Northeast Ford Focus Midget race at Chemung Speedrome, Scheduled for June 3rd, was cancelled. The Carman Motorsports team is ready to head down South this Hickory Motor Speedway. The team will be running there on Saturday, June 10. Please check back for updates. Also....Please check the "ALBUM" Page as it has been updated. Thank you for your interest in Sean Carman Motorsports!!

Seekonk Speedway: From 9th to 5th in Heat Race & 8th to 3rd in Feature

Sean Carman at Seekonk.jpg

May 27, 2006 - Northeast Ford Focus Midgets - Seekonk Speedway in Seekonk, MA:

    Sean Carman Motorsports had a great weekend at the 1/3 Mile Seekonk Speedway. Although being held up a rain delay all of the events were run. Sean started 9th in the second heat race. As the green flag dropped, he moved the #47 Lentini Auto Salvage, Pleasure Pools Stealth directly to the top of the Speedway. The car worked great and finished 5th. As feature time came, the Team debated on making a few changes as the Sun went down and the temperature got cooler. Sean started 8th in the 19-Car field and that's exactly what he wanted....the outside row. Again, as the green flag dropped and everyone moved to the bottom of the speedway, they left the high-line clean and clear the the #47 car. Sean ran the outside of the speedway for about the first 5 laps and saw himself in 3rd position and climbing. All of a sudden....Sean moved off the bottom of the speedway. The motor starting to spit and sputter, Sean thought he had a fuel pickup problem. On the bottom of the speedway...Sean held the 3rd position directly on the 2nd place runner, Ryan Osborne's bumper. A few laps later....the motor again started to spit and sputter. Sean finished the 25-Lap Main event in the 3rd Position.

 FIRST HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Jeff Abold (#05 Abold), 2. Dana Messier (#4 Messier), 3. Ryan Osborne (#38 Osborne), 4. Stephanie Stevens (#20 Stevens), 5. Ginny Quinones (#00 Quinones), 6. Jesse State (#18 State), 7. John Seaman (#63 Seaman), 8. Jeremy Tsishlis (48 Tsishlis), 9. P.J. Stergios (#7 Stergios), 10. Kyle Bonsignore (#22 Bonsignore). NT
      SECOND HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Nick Wean (#78 Wean), 2. Aaron Wall (#8 Wall), 3. Shaun Gosselin (#26 Gosselin), 4. Ryan Smith (#55 S & S), 5. Sean Carman (#47 Carman), 6. Andrew Barrows (#81 Pro Stock), 7. Matt Bettencourt (#10 Bettencourt), 8. Abby Martino (#28 Martino), 9. Dan Moore (#04 Moore). NT
      FEATURE: (25 laps) 1. Jeff Abold, 2. Ryan Osborne, 3. Sean Carman, 4. Ryan Smith, 5. Shawn Gosselin, 6. Ginny Quinones, 7. Jesse State, 8. John Seaman, 9. P.J. Stergios, 10. Abby Martino, 11. Kyle Bonsignore, 12. Dan Moore, 13. Jeremy Tsishlis, 14. Dana Messier, 15. Aaron Wall, 16. Matt Bettencourt, 17. Stephanie Stevens, 18. Andrew Barrows, 19. Nick Wean. NT

NEW NORTHEAST FORD FOCUS STANDINGS: 1-Osborne-131; 2-Smith-126; 3-Carman-124; 4-Abold-115; 5-State-107; 6-Wean-95; 7-Gosselin-87; 8-Wall-86; 9-Quinones-85; 10-Stergios-76.

**NEWS FLASH** On Monday Night, June 5th, Sean Carman will be a special guest on the very popular talk show....DIRT NATION. To listen Live On Monday June 5th, Please Click on Logo Below:

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NEXT STOP: Sean Carman will be racing this Saturday, May 27th at Seekonk Speedway in Seekonk, MA. Below is the "Tentative" Schedule of Events. Please Check back Tuesday for the Results.

Event Schedule - Seekonk Speedway - 5/27/06
Pits Open at Noon
NEMA/Focus Practice: 1:00 – 2:15 PM
Practice for Seekonk divisions: 3:00 – 5:00 PM
NEMA/Focus practice: 5:00 – 5:30 PM

Racing Starts: 6:00 PM



Schedule subject to change


    Please check out the "SCHEDULE" Page for new updates. Wall Township Speedway will be holding a Northeast Ford Focus Event on June 24th. Another event has been added in July. July 7th and 8th, Sean and the team will be in Robersonville, NC for a special event being held at the 3/8 Mile High-Banked East Carolina Speedway. Please continue checking back for updates. Thank you.

Concord Motorsports Park: "Stars of Short Track Shootout"

    With the weather not looking good for the Northeast race at Adirondack Speedway in Lowville, NY.....Sean made the decision to head down to Concord Motorsports Park for the "Starts of Short Track Shootout" 50Lap Race. And what a good decision it on the way to North Carolina, Sean got a call from a fellow competitor in the Northeast and was told the race has been cancelled do to bad weather.

    3 Sessions of practice was not least for Sean. The car was not working the way he needed it to. Sean ended up time trialing 7th. Starting the feature event in 7th position, Sean ran in 6th position about the entire race. A late caution put Sean in 3rd position. On Lap 47 there was a restart....only 3-Laps to go. Going into turn one with only 3 laps left, everyone wanted to win.....Sean got hit in the left rear tire and it was taken off the car. Luckily, Sean did not Flip, but his night was done.

USAC CAROLINA/VIRGINIA FORD FOCUS SERIES RACE RESULTS: May 21, 2006 – Concord, North Carolina – Concord Motorsports Park

      QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Bradley Riethmeyer, 11, Trotter-12.926; 2. Chase Scott, 77, Performance Research-13.040; 3. Michael Sboro, 24, Sboro-13.233; 4. Mark Burt, 22, Burt-13.236; 5. Aron Oakley, 43, Tucker-13.237; 6. A.J. Weeks, 9, Weeks-13.258; 7. Sean Carman, 47, Carman-13.322; 8. Rick Fedrizzi, 1, Noffsingter-13.397; 9. Mike Ward, 80, Ward-13.621; 10. Abby Martino, 28, Martino-13.968; 11. Ginny Quinones, 00, Quinones-14.835.
      FEATURE: (50 laps) 1. Chase Scott, 2. A.J. Weeks, 3. Mark Burt, 4. Bradley Riethmeyer, 5. Michael Sboro, 6. Aron Oakley, 7. Rick Fedrizzi, 8. Abby Martino,. 9. Mike Ward, 10. Sean Carman, 11. Ginny Quinones. NT


Oswego Speedway

    Rain, Rain, Rain.....That's what the team encountered after the 5-hour tow up to Oswego Speedway in Oswego, NY. When all the teams arrived the weather was great. After a brief rain delay, the track got Heat Race action in. Sean started 2nd in the first heat race and finished second, Ryan Smith winning. The second heat race was won by Stephanie Stevens. Sean was excited to start the feature event, as he and the team felt they made the necessary changes to the car to make it faster. As all the Ford Focus Midgets were in the staging lane for the feature rained. The cars were held in the staging lane, hoping the rain would stop, but that wasn't the case and the feature event was cancelled. The Northeast Ford Focus Midgets will have a Double-Header at Oswego Speedway June 17th.

USAC NORTHEAST FORD FOCUS SERIES RACE RESULTS: May 13, 2006 – Oswego, New York – Oswego Speedway

FIRST HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Ryan Smith (#55 S & S), 2. Sean Carman (#47 Carman), 3. Nick Wean (#78 Wean), 4. Robert White (#7 White), 5. Ryan Osborne (#38 Osborne), 6. Wade Mattesen (#15 Mattesen), 7. Jeff Abold (#05 Abold). NT
SECOND HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Stephanie Stevens (#20 Stevens), 2. Jesse State (#18 State), 3. Shaun Gosselin (#26 Gosselin), 4. Aaron Wall (#8 Wall), 5. Ginny Quinones (#00 Quinones), 6. Mike Hoffman (#74 Hoffman), 7. Dan Moore (#04 Moore). NT



Waterford Speedbowl: Heat - 1st, Feature - 4th

    Sean and the team had a great weekend in Waterford, CT. With a 19-Car Field it was an action packed feature event. They started out the night by starting 3rd in the Heat race and taking the Win on the last lap of the 8-lap Heat race. Ryan Smith with the No. 55 took the win in the Second Heat race. The pill was then picked for the invert for the starting lineup for the feature event - - 6. Sean started the Feature event 5th and came home with a 4th place Finish in Race #1 of the USAC Northeast Ford Focus Midget Series.

NEXT STOP: Sean and theTeam's Next race will be Race #2 of the Northeast Ford Focus Series. The race will be held at Oswego Speedway, in Owsego, NJ on May 13th. Keep checking back for News & Updates!

USAC NORTHEAST FORD FOCUS SERIES RACE RESULTS: April 29, 2006 – Waterford, Connecticut – Waterford Speedbowl

      FIRST HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Sean Carman (#47 Carman), 2. Jesse State (#18 State), 3. Aaron Wall (#8 Wall), 4. Andy Barrows (#81 Pro Stock), 5. P.J. Stergios (#7 Stergios), 6. Jeremy Tsishlis (#48 Tsishlis), 7. Matt Bettencourt (#10 Bettencourt), 8. Abby Martino (#28 Martino). NT
      SECOND HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Ryan Smith (#55 S & S), 2. Ryan Osborne (#38 Osborne), 3. Nick Wean (#78 Wean), 4. Jeff Abold (#05 Abold), 5. Wade Mattesen (#15 Mattesen), 6. Stephanie Stevens (#20 Stevens), 7. Mike Hoffman (#74 Hoffman), 8. Ginny Quinones (#00 Quinones). NT
      ALSO AT THE TRACK: Shaun Gosselin (#26 Gosselin) and Robin Messier (#4 Messier).
      FEATURE: (20 laps) 1. Nick Wean, 2. Ryan Osborne, 3. Ryan Smith, 4. Sean Carman, 5. Jesse State, 6. Aaron Wall, 7. Jeff Abold, 8. Wade Mattesen, 9. P.J. Stergios, 10. Ginny Quinones, 11. Andy Barrows, 12. Stephanie Stevens, 13. Shawn Gosselin, 14. Matt Bettencourt, 15. Jeremy Tsishlis, 16. Abby Martino, 17. Mike Hoffman. NT

Southern National Speedway Results - April 15, 2006:


     Sean and the team returned home after their trip to Southern National Speedway yesterday. Overall, they had a great night. In practice, the #47 Stealth Midget showed very fast. As they lined up for time trials, Sean was the 10th car to go out and qualify. As Sean was about to pull on the speedway to try for his two fastest laps, the rear end underneath the Stealth Midget Broke and Sean missed qualifying. Sean and the team got the car fixed but had to start Last in the 17-Car field. Sean was very fast and came from 17th to finish an impressive 7th and earned the inaugural Hard Charger Award.

OTHER NOTES: Pictures have been posted on the "ALBUM" Page. Feel Free to check them out!!

 USAC CAROLINA/VIRGINIA FORD FOCUS SERIES RACE RESULTS: April 15, 2005 – Kenly, North Carolina – Southern National Speedway

QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Chase Scott, 77, Performance Research-15.19; 2. Aron Oakley, 43, Tucker-15.30; 3.Michael Sboro, 24, Sboro-15.32; 4. Bradley Reithmeyer, 11, Trotter-15.36; 5. Terry Hall, 8, Hall-15.42; 6. Ryan Smith, 55, Smith-15.48; 7. Ryan Osborne, 38, Osborne-15.51; 8. Mark Burt, 22, Burt-15.61; 9. Nick Wean, 78J, Wean-15..61; 10. Chris Meadows, 5, Meadows-15.73; 11. Stephanie Stevens, 20, Stevens-15.86; 12. Bob White Jr, 6, White-15.91; 13. A.J. Weeks, 9, Weeks-16.07; 14. Nick Hansen, 55x, Brown-16.15; 15. Dustin Maclean, 4, Maclean-17.01; 16. Sean Carman, 47, Carmen-NT; 17. Tyler Brown, 15, Brown-NT. (Mike Ward, 80 Ward-15.67, disallowed for failing to pass post-qualifying inspection).
      FEATURE: (35 laps) 1. Bradley Reithmeyer, 2. Chase Scott, 3. Ryan Smith, 4. Terry Hall, 5. Nick Wean, 6. Mark Burt, 7. Sean Carman, 8. Bob White Jr, 9. Michael Sboro, 10. Mike Ward, 11. Aron Oakley, 12. Ryan Osborne, 13. A.J. Weeks, 14. Nick Hansen, 15. Dustin Maclean, 16. Stephanie Stevens, 17. Chris Meadows. NT

    Do you want to help support Sean Carman and the Carman Motorsports Team this year? As you know racing is a very expensive sport and Sean is always looking for new Marketing Partners. If you have your own business and you are looking for exposure in the fastest growing Sean as he and the team would be happy to represent your company in a professional manner! Don't have your own business??? No problem. You can help support Sean and the team by purchasing  new 2006 Sean Carman Motorsports Gear. Any help is always appreciated and every bit counts! T-Shirts, Hats, Sweatshirts, Etc. will be available shortly.  Pictures, prices and other details will be posted within the next two weeks, so please check back. If you are interested in any of the above, please click on the CONTACT page to find out how to contact Sean and the Team. Thank you!

    Sean is currently looking for marketing partners that would be interested in helping him put together a Limited Sprint Car Program for Bridgeport Speedway in Bridgeport, NJ. Sean was a multi-feature winner at the Speedway in 2004 and 2005 as well as the 2005 Bridgeport Sportsman Champion and Most Popular Driver. If you would like to be a part of this class act team please feel free to contact him at anytime and he would be more than happy to go into more details. Thank you to everyone in advance.

NEWS FLASH!!! Carman Motorsports 2006 Season Update April 10, 2006):

Sean & The Carman Motorsports Team will be leaving for Kenly, NC this Friday April 14th. Southern National Speedway is the first race on the Carolina/Virginia USAC Ford Focus Series Schedule. Sean and the team are very excited, as they have gotten the suspension squared away on the #47 Stealth Midget. They are expecting speeds of 135mph plus!!!

Pictures of the #47 Lentini Auto Salvage, Pleasure Pools, Art's Radiator, JD3 Graphics, Hunterdon Collision Stealth Midget will be posted shortly. Please Check back as we are hopefully soon going to re-vamp the entire website. Thank you to everyone for all of your continued support.


USAC FLORIDA FORD FOCUS MIDGET CAR SERIES RACE RESULTS: February 17, 2006 – Orlando, Florida – Orlando Speed World Speedway – “Tangerine Midget Tournament”

QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Ricky Ehrgott, 9, Ehrgott-14.16; 2. Craig Haack, 88, Haack-14.19; 3. Ryan Smith, 55, S & S-14.31; 4. Nick Wean, 78, Wean-14.38; 5. Mike Burt, 22, Burt-14.43; 6. Sean Carman, 47, Carman-14.51; 7. Darin Coker, 50, Leeke-14.64.
HEAT RACE: (8 laps) 1. Wean, 2. Smith, 3. Haack, 4. Burt, 5. Ehrgott, 6. Carman, 7. Coker. NT
FEATURE: (20 laps) 1. Craig Haack, 2. Nick Wean, 3. Ricky Ehrgott, 4. Mike Burt, 5. Sean Carman, 6. Ryan Smith, 7. Darin Coker. NT
FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-6 Carman, Laps 7-12 Wean, Laps 13-20 Haack.

USAC FLORIDA FORD FOCUS MIDGET CAR SERIES RACE RESULTS: February 18, 2006 – Bradenton, Florida – DeSoto Super Speedway – “Tangerine Midget Tournament”

HEAT RACE: (8 laps) 1. Mike Burt (#22 Burt), 2. Nick Wean (#78 Wean), 3. Craig Haack (#88 Haack), 4. Sean Carman (#47 Carman), 5. Darin Coker (#50 Leeke). NT

ALSO AT THE TRACK: Ricky Ehrgott (#9 Ehrgott).

FEATURE: (20 laps) 1. Craig Haack, 2. Nick Wean, 3. Mike Burt, 4. Darin Coker, 5. Sean Carman. (DNF)

Other News - Sean is currently looking for any other opportunities to race while he is not racing the USAC Midget. If you would be interested in giving Sean the opportunity to drive for you, please feel free to contact him at anytime at (908) 892-2833. Thank you in advance.

DOVER, DE (January 7, 2006) - Racers from nine divisions celebrated in style at the luxurious Dover Downs Hotel and Casino, where over 140 awards and presentations were made in celebration of the 2005 racing season, as Bridgeport Speedway presented "A Night of Champions."

The Keystone Racing #126 team; led by car owner, Glenn Hynemann and driver, Duane Howard walked away with the bulk portion, collecting a whopping $10,000 in cash awards for the third time in four years - the #126 team, which will dissolve at the end of the season, as Hynemann steps out and Howard heads to the BPG Racing stable of Chad Sinon, ended the season with six wins and 21 top five finishes.  Bridgeport Speedway Young Gun, Sean Carman of Stockton, NJ, was set in the spotlight after capturing the Sportsman Championship on the final night of action - the twenty-one year old, Carman, gave much of the credit to his parents, Dean and Nancy for helping him capture his first championship.  Pat Conaway dominated the Outlaw Stock division and captured the championship easily after collecting 13 wins, 11 of which came consecutively.

Saturday Night Special Awards:

Most Improved
Outlaw Stocks         Jeff Dirkes
Jasper Sprint Cars    Mike Piersig
Sportsman             Sean Carman
Modified                  Steve Bottcher

Best Appearing Car
Outlaw Stocks           Bill Miller
Jasper Sprint Cars     Mares Stellfox
Sportsman               Sean Carman
Modified                    Rick Laubach

*** Carman Motorsports is Proud to Announce that Sean will be racing USAC Ford Focus Series Midgets in 2006 with a 2006 Stealth Chassis - Please Check Back for Schedule Information, etc. Partial 2006 Schedule has been updated on 12-9-05. Thank you! ***

***Sean Carman is your 2005 Bridgeport Sportsman Point Champion and your 2005 Bridgeport Sportsman Most Popular Driver!!***

I have a huge list of Thank-You's to everyone that made this 2005 Season at Bridgeport the best season of my career.....

I would like to thank all my sponsors: Lentini Auto Salvage, Pleasure Pools, JD3 Graphics, T/K High Performance, Art's Radiator, C&C Welding, and BR Fabrication.

Also a HUGE thank you to my Mom & Dad, Lisa, Dave & Cindy, Steph & Mike, Gram & Pop, Uncle Darryl & Family, Katie, Bud & Nichole, Fred & Marge, Dave & Bonnie, Stephanie, Slick, Clyde, Tommy S., EJ & Laura, Don & DJ, Rick & Beth, and everyone else that has stood behind me all year with all of your continued support!!! I don't know what I would do without all of you guys....You guys are the best!

It was a VERY Interesting night and I also have to thank Ryan & The Illes Crew and everyone else (too many people to list - lol) who was down in my pit getting my car fixed and back out on the track!

Jay James & Family, Dave Adams, Ray McKabe and the entire B-Port Staff, The Dugan Family, and to all my fellow racers and the great fans this year - - Thank you to everyone for a great 2005 season.

There are so many people to thank, as a lot of great people got me to where I am in racing and I can't thank everyone enough, So I am sorry If I didn't list you but you all know who you are, and again, THANK YOU!!!

Sincerely, Sean Carman #47

BRIDGEPORT, NJ (September 25, 2005)-

It was a weekend to remember for Vineland, NJ's Eric Kormann.  Kormann, who captured the GM Crate Sportsman Championship just one night prior, battled Ron Roberts right down to the checkered flag, trading paint and defeating Roberts by a bumper to pick up his first ever Sportsman victory.  Roberts would settle for second followed by Steve Lozorak, Jimmy Horton IV and Brett Hoffman.

It was a rough night for both contenders in the Sportsman Point Championship.  Sean Carman and John Pursell started one in front of the other in the Sportsman feature.  Running side-by-side Pursell's car came to a complete stop in turn four with six circuits in sending the Benton's Elevator #15J to the back of the pack.  Carman was no worse for wear, on the restart Carman was the meat of a four-wide sandwich that left the Pleasure Pools #47 on the hook with front suspension problems.  A hard crash on the re-start gave Carman ample time to repair his car without losing a lap.  Carman and Pursell, still running side-by-side further pack in the back made all effort to remain a close distance - and did so.  Finishing 13th and 14th respectively it was Carman's heat race win (a five point bonus) that gave him the advantage capturing the point title by only one point.

Heat 1 - 1. Anthony Tramontana  2. Ken Sowden  3. John Pursell  4. Brian Lilick  5. Steve Lozorak  6. Ron Roberts
Heat 2 - 1. Bob Lineman Jr.  2. Rick Beavers  3. John Salvatore Jr.  4. Rob Wyant  5. Brett Hoffman  6. Eric Kormann
Heat 3 - 1. Sean Carman  2. Drew Ricco  3. Dan Cogdill  4. Jimmy Horton IV  5. Mark Forte Jr.  6. John Stangle
Consi - 1. Tom Miller  2. Mike Branngian  3. Bill Klingmeyer  4. Todd Zurowski  5. Kevin Nolf  6. Blaine Sadler
Feature - 1. Eric Kormann  2. Ron Roberts  3. Steve Lozorak  4. Jimmy Horton IV  5. Brett Hoffman  6. Drew Ricco  7. John Stangle  8. Rick Beavers  9. Anthony Tramontana  10. Tom Miller  11. Mike Branngian  12. John Pursell  13. Sean Carman  14. Mark Forte Jr.  15. Bill Klingmeyer  16. Kevin Nolf  17. Brian Lilick  18. Todd Zurowski  19. Rob Wyant  20. Ken Sowden  21. John Salvatore Jr.  22. Bob Lineman Jr.  23. Blaine Sadler DQ - Dan Cogdill  DNS - John Pratt, Carmen Leggio, Billy Briggs
DNQ - Billy Briggs, John Pratt, Carmen Leggio, Chip Discaron, Ron Hartrum

BRIDGEPORT, NJ (September 17, 2005)

Blue Anchor, NJ's Mark Forte Jr. launched to victory number four on the season dominating the Sportsman feature event.  Forte grabbed the lead on the third lap of the 20 lap feature event holding off a strong early race charge from Sean Carman.  Tom Miller would lead the late race assault on the young Forte, but never had enough to muster a challenge - until, Forte bobbled sliding up the race track exiting turn four to take the checkered flag.  Miller saw an opportunity and a drag race ensued down the front stretch with Forte nipping Miller at the line by 7/100ths of a second.  Carman would ride home in third, Eric Kormann bringing in a strong fourth, and John Stangle battled back from a crash in warm ups to finish in the fifth position

The Sportsman Championship Points battle is going down to the wire with only one point separating leader John Pursell from second place runner, Sean Carman.

Heat 1 - 1. Sean Carman  2. Steve Lozorak  3. John Stangle  4. Ken Sowden  5. Jimmy Horton IV  6. John Kelly
Heat 2 - 1. John Pursell  2. Dan Cogdill  3. Rob Pierce  4. Ron Roberts  5. Joe Masiado  6. Mike Brannigan
Heat 3 - 1. Eric Kormann  2. Mark Forte Jr.  3. Brian Lilick  4. Anthony Tramontana  5. Brett Hoffman  6. Billy Briggs
Consi - 1. Tom Miller  2. Bob Lineman Jr.  3. Bill Klingmeyer  4. Rob Wyant  5. John Salvatore Jr.  6. Todd Zurowski  7. Ray Woodall Jr.  8. Ryan Walls

Feature - 1. Mark Forte Jr.  2. Tom Miller  3. Sean Carman  4. Eric Kormann  5. John Stangle  6. Billy Briggs  7. Bob Lineman Jr.  8. Jimmy Horton IV  9. Ron Roberts 10. John Pursell  11. Mike Brannigan  12. Anthony Tramontana  13. Joe Masiado  14. Dan Cogdill  15. Ryan Walls  16. Brett Hoffman  17. Ray Woodall Jr.  18. Rob Wyant  19. Bill Klingmeyer  20. Brian Lilick  21. Steve Lozorak  22. Rick Kostes  23. John Kelly  24. John Salvatore Jr.  25. Todd Zurowski  26. Rob Pierce
DNQ:  Rick Kostes, Ken Davis, Kevin Collins, Rick Beavers

BRIDGEPORT, NJ (September 10, 2005)

Heat 1 - 1. John Salvatore, Jr.  2. Billy Briggs  3. John Pratt  4. Mark Forte, Jr.  5. Brett Hoffman  6. Bob Lineman, Jr.
Heat 2 - 1. John Stangle  2. Ryan Wyant  3. Eric Kormann  4. John Pursell  5. Rob Pierce  6. Rick Beavers
Heat 3 - 1. Kevin Collins  2. Sean Carman  3. Tom Miller  4. Ron Roberts  5. Ken Sowden  6. John Kelly
Consi - 1. Drew Ricco  2. Steve Lozorak  3. Dan Cogdill  4. Jimmy Horton IV  5. Bill Klingmeyer  6. Mike Branngian  7. Blaine Sadler  8. Carmen Leggio
Feature - 1.  Kevin Collins  2. John Pratt  3. John Stangle  4. Drew Ricco  5. Tom Miller  6. John Salvatore, Jr.  7. Rob Pierce  8. John Pursell  9. Sean Carman  10. Eric Kormann  11. Jimmy Horton IV  12. Billy Briggs  13. John Kelly  14. Ron Roberts  15. Steve Lozorak  16. Mark Forte, Jr.  17.  Dan Cogdill  18. Brett Hoffman  19.  Rick Beavers  20.  Ken Sowden  21. Mike Brannigan  22. Bill Klingmeyer  23. Bob Lineman, Jr.  24. Ryan Wyant  25. Carmen Leggio  26. Blaine Sadler
DNQ: Jason Duppel, Brian Lilick, Don Brownlee

BRIDGEPORT, NJ (September 3, 2005)

With a make-up feature on the three division card, it was the Sportsman cars kicking off the night's action.  Neshanic Station, NJ's John Stangle dominated the first feature event, taking advantage of a pole starting position -- holding off a strong early race run from Richie Pratt and a hard late race charges from John Pursell and Eric Kormann, to pick up his first feature win ever.  Kormann would settle for second, with Sean Carman in third, Tom Miller with another great top 5 run in fourth and Ron Roberts rounding out the top five.

In the Sportsman Nightcap it was Newport, DE's, Ron Roberts holding of, JD3Graphics Young Gun, Drew Ricco - who charged to the front from a 14th place starting position; to pick up his first victory in two years.  Ricco would settle for second, Eric Kormann would come home third - picking up the best overall finish in both events, John Pursell came home in fourth and John Pratt picked up another top 5 finish.

Sportsman Point Leader Richie Pratt Jr. would take a hit in the standings as the Lipinski Snow Service #28 would suffer motor problems in the first feature event, sidelining the machine for the remainder of the night, and dropping Pratt to third in the overall standings.  Sean Carman moved to second sixteen points behind leader, John Pursell.

Heat 1 - 1. John Kelly  2. Ron Roberts  3. Kevin Collins  4. Tom Miller  5. Sean Carman  6. Anthony Tramontana
Heat 2 - 1. Mike Branngian  2. Eric Kormann  3. John Pursell  4. Bob Lineman Jr.  5. Steve Lozorak  6. Billy Briggs
Heat 3 - 1. John Pratt  2. Drew Ricco  3. Rob Pierce  4. John Stangle  5. Mark Forte Jr.  6. Brett Hoffman
Consi - 1. John Salvatore Jr.  2. Jimmy Horton IV  3. Rick Beavers  4. Jason Duppel  5. Brett Hoffman  6. Brian Lilick  7. Carmen Leggio  8. Ken Sowden
Feature - 1. Ron Roberts  2. Drew Ricco  3. Eric Kormann  4. John Pursell  5. John Pratt  6. Bob Lineman Jr.  7. John Stangle  8. John Kelly  9. Rob Pierce  10. Kevin Collins  11. Sean Carman  12. Jimmy Horton IV  13. Mark Forte Jr.  14. Brett Hoffman  15. Brian Lilick  16. Anthony Tramontana  17. Mike Brannigan  18. Tommy Miller  19. Jason Duppel  20. Billy Briggs  21. John Salvatore Jr.  22. Carmen Leggio  23. Rick Beavers  24. Ryan Wyatt  25. Steve Lozorak  26. Ken Sowden
DNQ - Richie Pratt Jr., Dan Cogdill, Bill Klingmeyer, Jim Dallett

Make Up Feature (5-7-2005) - 1. John Stangle  2. Eric Kormann  3. Sean Carman  4. Tom Miller  5. Ron Roberts  6. Bob Lineman Jr.  7. Rob Pierce  8. Anthony Tramontana  9. Steve Lozorak  10. Jim Dallett  11. Brett Hoffman  12. Billy Briggs  13. Brian Lilick  14. Dan Cogdill  15. John Pursell  16. John Salvatore Jr.  17. Mike Brannigan  18. John Kelly  19. John Pratt  20. Richie Pratt Jr.  21. Mark Forte Jr.  22. Bill Klingmeyer  23. Kevin Collins  24. Jimmy Horton IV  25. Ryan Wyatt


BRIDGEPORT, NJ (August 27, 2005)-

In the Sportsman fray - no surprise - Sewell, NJ's Richie Pratt, Jr. led the Lipinski Snow Service #28 Bicknell to three in a row and win number eight of the season.  Pratt grabbed the lead from Bill Klingmeyer at the half way mark and set sail for the checkered.  Klingmeyer would settle for second, with JD3Graphics Young Guns - Rob Pierce and Sean Carman in third and fourth, and Tom Miller rounding out the top five.

Heat 1 - 1. Rob Pierce  2. Steve Lozorak  3. John Salvatore Jr.  4. Eric Kormann 5. John Stangle  6. John Pratt
Heat 2 - 1. John Pursell  2. Tom Miller  3. Drew Ricco  4. Ken Sowden  5. Ron Roberts  6. Brian Lilick
Heat 3 - 1. Dan Cogdill  2. Sean Carman  3. Brett Hoffman  4. Bob Lineman Jr.  5. Kevin Collins  6. Bill Klingmeyer
Consi - 1. Richie Pratt Jr,  2. Mark Forte Jr.  3. John Kelly  4. Mike Brannigan  5. Ryan Wyatt  6.  Blaine Sadler  7. Jason Duppel  8. Donny Brown
Feature - 1. Richie Pratt Jr.  2. Bill Klingmeyer  3. Rob Pierce  4. Sean Carman  5. Tom Miller  6. Drew Ricco  7. Dan Cogdill  8. John Stangle  9. Kevin Collins  10. Brett Hoffman  11. John Pursell 12. Eric Kormann  13. John Salvatore Jr.  14. Mark Forte Jr.  15. Mike Brannigan  16. Steve Lozorak  17. Jimmy Horton IV  18. Ron Roberts  19. John Pratt  20. John Kelly  21. Ryan Wyatt  22. Brian Lilick  23. Bob Lineman Jr.  24.  Blaine Sadler  25. Donny Brown  26. Ken Sowden (Pts Provisional: Jimmy Horton IV)
DNQ - Jimmy Horton IV, Bob Rambone, Billy Briggs

*****ALBUM PAGE UPDATED 8-30-05*****

BRIDGEPORT, NJ (August 13, 2005)-

Pratt dominated the scheduled event, overtaking Tom Miller for the top spot on the sixth circuit.  Pratt overcame mechanical problems and held off a strong late race charge from Drew Ricco.  Ricco would settle for second, the third top five in three races for the Klair Motorsports/Bogey's Paving #34 Speed Palace mount, "The Stockton Stalker" Sean Carman (Pleasure Pools - Lentini Auto Salvage Bicknell) would ride home third, with John Stangle and the Lightning Delivery #6 Bicknell in fourth and John Pratt in the Bogey Paving #9x Speed Palace ride rounding out the top five.

Make Up Feature 5/21/05 - 1. Richie Pratt Jr.  2. Anthony Tramontana  3. John Pratt  4. Eric Kormann  5. Ron Roberts  6. John Pursell  7. Sean Carman  8. Mark Forte Jr.  9. Dan Cogdill  10. Tom Miller  11. Jimmy Horton IV  12. John Salvatore Jr.  13. Rob Pierce  14. John Stangle  15. Bill Klingmeyer  16. Kevin Collins  17. Phil McCloughan  18. Don Bogey  19. Bob Lineman Jr.  20. Mike Brannigan

Heat 1 - 1. Bill Klingmeyer  2. Kevin Collins  3. Bob Lineman Jr.  4. John Pursell  5. Jimmy Horton IV  6. Eric Kormann
Heat 2 - 1. John Salvatore Jr.  2. John Pratt  3. Richie Pratt Jr.  4.  John Kelly  5. Drew Ricco  6. Anthony Tramontana
Heat 3  -- 1. Dan Cogdill  2. Sean Carman  3. Tom Miller  4. Rob Pierce  5. Mike Brannigan  6. John Stangle
Consi - 1. Ron Roberts  2. Brett Hoffman  3. Steve Lozorak  4. Ken Sowden  5. Dennis Price  6. Phil McCloughan  7. Mark Forte Jr.  8. Shaun Burd
Feature - 1. Richie Pratt Jr.  2. Drew Ricco  3. Sean Carman  4. John Stangle  5. John Pratt  6. Kevin Collins  7. John Kelly  8. John Pursell  9. Eric Kormann  10. Jimmy Horton IV  11. Steve Lozorak  12. Rob Pierce  13. John Salvatore Jr.  14. Mike Brannigan  15. Brett Hoffman  16. Ken Sowden  17. Phil McCloughan  18. Dan Cogdill  19. Shaun Burd  20. Ron Roberts  21. Dennis Price 22. Bob Lineman Jr.  23. Bill Klingmeyer  24. Anthony Tramontana  DNS - Mark Forte Jr.
DNQ - Don Bogey, Glenn Knell


BRIDGEPORT, NJ (JULY 30, 2005) Blue Anchor, NJ's Mark Forte Jr. picked up his second win of the season, in the 20 lap Sportsman event, after apparent winner Kevin Collins came up light at the scales.  Forte Jr. sailed around the high side of the speedway battling with, fellow JD3Graphics Young Guns, Rob Pierce and "The Stockton Stalker" Sean Carman.  Pierce and Carman would settle for second and third respectively, Ron Roberts came home in fourth and Drew Ricco came home fifth, giving the Young Guns four of the top five spots.

Heat 1 - 1. Kevin Collins  2. Mark Forte Jr.  3. Richie Pratt  4. Anthony Tramontana  5. Steve Lozorak  6. Brett Hoffman
Heat 2 - 1. John Pursell  2. John Salvatore Jr.  3. Jimmy Horton IV  4. Ron Roberts  5. John Pratt  6. Billy Briggs
Heat 3 - 1. John Stangle  2. Drew Ricco  3. Rob Pierce  4. John Kelly  5. Bob Lineman Jr.  6. Sean Carman
Feature - 1. Mark Forte Jr.  2. Rob Pierce  3. Sean Carman  4. Ron Roberts  5. Drew Ricco  6. John Pursell  7. Dan Cogdill  8. Bill Klingmeyer   9. John Stangle  10. Bob Lineman Jr.  11. Mike Brannigan  12. John Kelly  13. Billy Briggs  14. Brett Hoffman  15. Bob Rambone  16. Frank Holmes  17. John Pratt  18. Jimmy Horton IV  19. Glenn Knell  20. Steve Lozorak  21. Anthony Tramontana  22. John Salvatore Jr.  23. Don Lynch  24. Eric Kormann  25. Richie Pratt Jr.  26. Bruce Hirthler
DQ - Kevin Collins

Boland, Kemenah, Carman, Kile, Swims Slated For Dirt Nation™


Bridgeport, NJ (July 23,2005)

Weekend of Bad Luck:  Sean started off the night by starting 8th in the 3rd Sportsman Heat. The heat was a good race between Sean and Mark Forte Jr. and by the last lap coming out of turn four, Sean was side by side with Mark, only to be beaten by half a car length. Starting 14th in the feature, Sean fell back 2 spots on the initial green. By lap 10 Sean was in the 5th position racing with Richie Pratt Jr. for the 4th place spot. Going down the backstretch, Sean was burnt with Oil and was told over the radio to pull off the track. Unfortunately, Sean was done for the night, although he had a very fast car. 

The entire crew thought they lost the motor, but come to find out the Oil Filter adapter came loose and the Oil filter seal was blown off the filter, which let the oil come pouring out. The car is already fixed and ready to go for the "Walt Chernokal Memorial" this Wed, July 27. Also in store for this Wed, will be Sean's first Modified Start where he will try to qualify with the "Big-Boys".  See everyone at the track! 

Heat 1 -  1. John Pursell  2. Drew Ricco  3. Jimmy Horton IV  4. John Pratt  5. Mike Brannigan  6. Anthony Tramontana
Heat 2 - 1. Richie Pratt  2. Eric Kormann  3. Bill Klingmeyer  4. Brad Brightbill  5. Steve Lozorak  6. Brett Hoffman
Heat 3 - 1. Mark Forte Jr.  2. Sean Carman  3. John Salvatore  4. Tom Miller  5. John Stangle  6. Phil McCloughan
Consi - 1. Ron Roberts  2. Bob Lineman Jr  3. Rob Pierce  4. Billy Briggs  5. Bruce Hirthler  6. Kevin Collins  7. Bob Rambone  8. John Kelly
Feature - 1. Jimmy Horton IV  2. John Pursell  3. Ron Roberts  4. Steve Lozorak  5. Richie Pratt  6. Bill Klingmeyer  7. John Pratt  8. Mike Brannigan  9. Eric Kormann 10. Bob Lineman Jr.  11. Mark Forte Jr  12. Bruce Hirthler  13. John Stangle  14. Brad Brightbill  15. Billy Briggs  16. John Salvatore Jr.  17. Anthony Tramontana  18. John Kelly  19. Brett Hoffman  20. Phil McCloughan  21. Bob Rambone  22. Tom Miller  23. Sean Carman  24. Rob Pierce  25. Kevin Collins 2 6. Drew Ricco
DNQ - Frank Holmes, Glenn Knell, Troy Lippincott, Dan Cogdill

BRIDGEPORT, NJ (July 10, 2005)

Sewell, NJ's Richie Pratt Jr would bring home "The Bandit Bonus" in the Sportsman fray, picking up an additional $425 for his efforts.  This marks Pratt's fourth Sportsman victory of the season.  Early race leader, Rob Pierce would come home second with Dan Cogdill finishing third and JD3Graphics Young Guns, Jimmy Horton IV and Sean Carman coming home fourth and fifth respectively.

Heat 1 - 1. Mark Forte Jr.  2. Rob Pierce  3. Bill Klingmeyer  4. John Stangle  5. Eric Kormann  6. Tom Miller
Heat 2 - 1. Dan Cogdill  2. Richie Pratt Jr  3. Jimmy Horton IV  4. Bob Lineman Jr  5. Ron Roberts  6. Anthony Tramontana
Heat 3 - 1. John Pursell  2. Billy Briggs  3. Sean Carman  4. Mike Brannigan  5. Kevin Collins  6. Troy Lipponcott
Feature 1 - 1. Richie Pratt Jr  2. Rob Pierce  3. Dan Cogdill  4. Jimmy Horton IV  5. Sean Carman  6. Mark Forte Jr.   7. Eric Kormann  8. Tom Miller  9. John Pursell  10. John Salvatore Jr  11. Mike Brannigan  12. Steve Lozorak  13. Bill Klingmeyer  14. Anthony Tramontana  15. Bob Lineman Jr.  16. Ron Roberts  17. Brett Hoffman  18.  Frank Holmes  19. Jack McCallion  20. Bob Rambone  21. John Stangle  22. Troy Lipponcott  23. Billy Briggs  24. Phil McCloughan  25. Ron Ford  26. Kevin Collins




BRIDGEPORT, NJ (July 2, 2005)-

The Young Guns vs. Outlaws battle showed its head once again in the 20 lap Sportsman feature event as "The Stockton Stalker" Sean Carman battled with "The Outlaw" Eric Kormann.  It was Stockton, NJs Sean Carman taking the win at the line picking up his second of the season.  Kormann settled for second with Bob Lineman Jr., battling up from the consi to finish third, followed by Mark Forte Jr. and Bruce Hirthler.

Heat 1 - 1. Bill Klingmeyer  2. John Kelly  3. Mike Brannigan  4. Bob Lilick  5. Steve Lozorak  6. Tom Miller
Heat 2 - 1. John Pursell  2. Richie Pratt  3. Eric Kormann  4. Rob Pierce  5. Sean Carman  6. John Stangle
Heat 3 - 1. Mark Forte Jr  2. Dan Cogdill  3. Kevin Collins  4. Sam Wescott  5. Jimmy Horton IV  6. Ron Roberts
Consi - 1. Bob Lineman Jr  2. Bruce Hirthler  3. Billy Briggs  4. Anthony Tramontana  5. Troy Lippincott  6. Ron Ford  7. Phil McCloughan  8. John Salvatore Jr
Feature - 1. Sean Carman  2. Eric Kormann  3.  Bob Lineman Jr  4. Mark Forte Jr.  5. Bruce Hirthler  6. Billy Briggs  7. John Pursell  8. Ron Roberts  9. Bill Klingmeyer  10. John Salvatore Jr.  11. Troy Lippincott  12. John Kelly  13. Phil McCloughan  14. Ken Sowden  15. Bob Lilick  16. Sam Wescott  17. Jimmy Horton IV  18. Richie Pratt Jr.  19. John Stangle  20. Anthony Tramontana  21. Mike Brannigan  22. Tom Miller  23. Dan Cogdill  24. Kevin Collins  25. Rob Pierce  26. Ron Ford
DNQ - Bob Rambone, Jack McCallion, Jim Britt



HEAT 1: G. Doust, J. Bowman, S. Carman, M. Page, M. Conrow, D. Wiesner.
HEAT 2: R. Bellinger, T. Juhl, M. Bowman, K. Ridley, J. Jackson, M. Janczuk.

FEATURE (20-laps): GREG DOUST, Rob Bellinger, Jim Bowman, Kevin Bates, Mike Bowman, Tom Juhl, Kevin Ridley, Dan Wiesner, Mike Conrow, Sean Carman, Mario Page, Roy Bresnahan, Lance Willix II, Matt Janczuk, Joe Jackson, Steve Babieck.



HEAT 1: S. Schrader, D. Wiesner, L. Willix II, M. Potter, B. Tonkin, R. Miller.

HEAT 2: K. Bates, R. Hefti, S. Carman, R. Pratt, S. Reakes IV, L. Lincoln.

FEATURE (20-laps): RUSS HEFTI, Mark Potter, Dan Wiesner, Loren Lincoln, Kevin Ridley, Rob Pratt, Eric Giguere, Randy Miller, Sean Carman, Lance Willix II, Josh Hefti, Sammy Reakes IV, Steve Babieck, Scott Schrader, DQ’ed: Kevin Bates, Brett Tonkin, Joe Williams.


*Sean and the Wingate Family in Victory Lane*

*Sean with Ms. Bridgeport and Ms. Motorsports in Victory Lane!*

*Sean on the Roof of the Lentini Auto Salvage #47 after winning the Wingate Classic 25-Lap Sportsman Race Wed. June 8. *

BRIDGEPORT, NJ (June 8, 2005

"Outlaw What?" exclaimed an exuberant Sean Carman as he gave the JD3Graphics/Bridgeport Speedway Young Guns their second Sportsman victory in a row.  Carman caressed the Lentini Auto Salvage #47 underneath Kevin Collins, who made a bold three wide pass to take the lead, to pick-up his third career victory and first win of the season.  Collins would settle for second, Richie Pratt Jr. came home in third, Mike Lyons would grab fourth and "Young Gun" Jimmy Horton IV would finish in the fifth position.

Heat 1 - 1. Rob Pierce  2. Lou Farina  3. Jimmy Horton IV  4. Sean Carman  5. Larry Kline  6. John Salvatore  7. Chad Barney  8.  Bill Klingmeyer  9. Mark Herman  10. Tom Miller
Heat 2 - 1. Sam Wescott  2. Kevin Collins  3. Eric Kormann  4. Gene Stravinsky  5. Richie Pratt Jr.  6. Mike Lyons  7. Mark Forte Jr.  8. Ron Roberts  9. Jim Britt  10. John Stangle  11. Steve Lozorak
Feature - 1. Sean Carman  2. Kevin Collins  3. Richie Pratt Jr  4. Mike Lyons  5. Jimmy Horton IV  6. Eric Kormann  7. Larry Kline  8. Sam Wescott  9. Gene Stravinsky  10. Bill Klingmeyer  11. John Salvatore  12. Ron Roberts  13. Chad Barney  14. Lou Farina  15. Steve Lazorak  16. Mark Herman  17. Jim Britt  18. Mark Forte Jr  19. Rob Pierce
DNS - Tom Miller, John Stangle


BRIDGEPORT, NJ (June 4, 2005)

It was a first-timer in the Sportsman division as sophomore "Young Gun", Mark Forte Jr. picked up his first career victory leading flag-to-flag in the 20-lap feature event. Kevin Collins was second followed by John Stangle, John Pursell, and Bob Lillick.

Carman Motorsports News: Due to a horribly handling race car in the heat race, Sean went to the consi and started outside pole. Ended up winning the consi and started 18th in the feature. Coming out of turn 2 on the first lap of the feature, the left front spindle and wheel was ripped off the car. Due to the horrible accident that involved Billy Harris and Jack Swain, Sean and the crew fixed the car to get him back on the track to collect as many points as possible. 

Heat 1  - 1. Bill Klingmeyer  2. Bob Lilick  3. Jack Swain  4. John Pratt  5. Kevin Collins  6. Mike Brannigan
Heat 2 - 1. Dan Cogdill  2. Richie Pratt  3. Jim Britt  4. Tom Miller  5. Jimmy Horton IV  6. Eric Kormann
Heat 3 - 1. Sam Wescott  2. Mark Forte Jr.  3. John Pursell  4. Bob Lineman  5. Rob Pierce  6. John Stangle
Consi - 1. Sean Carman  2. Anthony Tramontana  3. John Kelly  4. Jim Briggs  5. Ron Roberts  6. Billy Harris
Feature - 1. Mark Forte Jr.  2. Kevin Collins  3. John Stangle  4. John Pursell  5. Bob Lillick  6. Jim Britt  7. John Kelly  8.Dan Cogdill  9. Jimmy Horton IV  10. John Salvatore  11. Eric Kormann  12. Phil McCloughan  13. John Pratt  14. Sean Carman  15. Sam Wescott  16. Mike Brannigan  17. Bob Lineman  18. Ron Roberts  19. Jim Briggs  20. Richie Pratt  21. Scott Hulm  22. Tom Miller  23. Bill Klingmeyer  24. Rob Pierce  25. Billy Harris  26. Jack Swain

**Sean Carman Motorsports is Bridgeport Speedway's Team of the Week!!**