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Sean Carman is looking for an opportunity to return to the 5/8 mile oval in either a 358 Sportsman or Big Block car for the Turkey Chase Weekend at Bridgeport Speedway on November 22, 2008. If you'd like to give Sean this opportunity please call him anytime on his Cell Phone @ (908) 892-2833. Thank you all in advance...


September 14th 2008: Sean Carman & Sean Carman Motorsports would like to announce that they have sold all racing equipment and would like to thank all of their sponsors and fans for their continuous support throughout the years. They would also like to make a note that although Sean does not have any of his own equipment he would be more than interested in driving for someone in any division at any track so please feel free to contact him if you would like to give him that opportunity. Thanks again...Sincerely, Sean Carman & The 47 Racing Team!!!

NEWS FLASH 6/15/08: Sean and the SCM Team travel to Shenandoah Speedway after sitting out almost a year....

      Sean Carman and the SCM Team decided why not? Sean and the team's car and equipment have been parked in the shop since August 11, 2007 but  the team decided to take the 5.5 hour ride to Shenandoah Speedway in Virginia for the 35-Lap Main Event. Sean time trialed the car in 6th spot and finished 4th in the Main Event. Sean and the Team couldn't be happier with the results. "I really missed racing and it felt great to be back in a car after so long! We came down here this weekend with old tires just to have some fun and make some laps. To time trial as well as we did and to have a solid top-5 finish this weekend was an added bonus. I just have to thank USAC, Richard Petty Driving Experience, and everyone who makes this series possible. Also a huge thank-you to my Mom, Dad, and fiancé Valarie for all of the hard work and dedication this weekend!"

      Full Results listed below and photos should be posted please check back!! Thanks for your interest in Sean Carman & Sean Carman Motorsports!!

Please note...The Complete racing operation is still for sale. If you're looking to get into the sport...we've got everything you need to be competitive week in and week out! Please contact Sean anytime at (908) 892-2833 or via email  if you would like the full details.

June 15, 2008
Shenandoah, Virginia
Shenandoah Speedway

1. Shane MacMillan, 45, Fedrizzi-15.700; 2. Steven Intravaia, 73, Intravaia-15.721; 3. Michael Mohelski, 12, Mohelski-15.727; 4. Bradley Riethmeyer, 11, Trotter-15.766; 5. Rick Fedrizzi, 43, Fedrizzi-15.839; 6. Sean Carman, 47, Carman-15.858; 7. Eric Coomes, 14, Fedrizzi-15.864; 8. Michael Ward, 80, Ward-15.920; 9. Ryan Osborne, 38, Osborne-15.922; 10. Marc Daily, 6, Fedrizzi-16.004; 11. Scott Hunter, 44, Brown-16.015; 12. Rhett Tucker, 99, Tucker-16.151; 13. Chris Lamb, 19L, Lamb-16.250; 14. Bryce Burden, 17, Burden-16.464; 15. Brian Ames, 26, Ames-16.639.

(35 laps) 1. Michael Mohelski, 2. Bradley Riethmeyer, 3. Ryan Osborne, 4. Sean Carman, 5. Marc Daily, 6. Rhett Tucker, 7. Rick Fedrizzi, 8. Steven Intravaia, 9. Chris Lamb, 10. Scott Hunter, 11. Eric Coomes, 12. Bryce Burden, 13. Shane MacMillan, 14. Michael Ward, 15. Brian Ames. NT

Laps 1-5 Coomes, Laps 6-12 Ward, Laps 13-22 Fedrizzi, Laps 23-35 Mohelski.

Everything Racing Must Go! USAC Ford Focus / NEMA Lite Midget and complete operation for sale!! Please contact Sean anytime at 908-892-2833 for details. May also be reached via email at Thank You.

Sean taking over 2nd place in the Heat Race on the outside at Wall Twp Speedway. More Pictures Below.

WALL TWP., N.J. -- Jesse State, of Hyde Park, NY, held off New Jersey natives Sean Carman and Ryan Osborne to snap Pat Abold's Wirtgen America USAC Northeast Ford Focus Series Midget winning
streak at Wall Township Speedway Saturday night.

State, who won his career first N.E. Focus race at Seekonk, Mass. June 6, first ran in Carman's draft as they passed polesitter Osborne on the opening lap. The No. 18 Bay Auto Center Hawk-Ford Focus
series rookie then took the lead from Carman on lap three and pulled to a 3.670-sec. victory margin on Carman after 25 laps.

State, 18, has previously run on the adjacent Garden State Quarter Midget Racing Club's one-20th-mile "Little Wall" oval. He considers "Big Wall" his home track despite the two-hour drive. "Getting my first win at Seekonk was special," said State to series announcer Glenn Todd. "I never thought I'd get my second so soon."

Carman, of Stockton, and Osborne, of Milford, who rounded out the podium, also considered WTS as their home track. All 13 starters finished the 25-lap all-green-flag feature in five min., 29 sec. with an 91.045 mph average lap speed. Jon Seaman, Jr., of Southbury, CT finished fourth. The New Jersey State Police minimum age and accidents from the July 7 round at Oswego, N.Y., put six drivers on the sidelines. Shaun Gosselin, who won the Ford Focus N.E. Series' WTS debut last year, finished 10th.

Osborne and Michael Mohleski, of Frederick, Md., split the two eight-lap heats. Mohleski, in his second start of the year, was making his WTS debut despite having run at "Little Wall."

The N.E. series is to head for the Waterford (Conn.) Speedbowl Saturday before returning to Wall Aug. 18.

USAC NORTHEAST FORD FOCUS SERIES RACE RESULTS: July 14, 2007 - Belmar, New Jersey - Wall Township Speedway

FIRST HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Mike Mohelski (#12 Mohelski), 2. Jesse State (#18 State), 3. Dan Moore (#04 Moore), 4. Jon Seaman (#63 Seaman), 5. Shaun Gosselin (#26 Gosselin), 6. Jeremy Tsihlis (#48 Tsihlis), 7. Mike Hoffman (#74 Hoffman). NT

SECOND HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Ryan Osborne (#38 Osborne), 2. Sean Carman (#47 Carman), 3. Steven Intravaia (#73 Intravaia), 4. P.J. Stergios (#57 Stergios), 5. Jeff Abold (#05 Abold), 6. Rick Hart (#22 Hart). NT

FEATURE: (25 laps) 1. Jesse State, 2. Sean Carman, 3. Ryan Osborne, 4. Jon Seaman, 5. Steven Intravaia, 6. Jeff Abold, 7. Mike Mohelski, 8. Jeremy Tsihlis, 9. P.J. Stergios, 10. Shaun Gosselin, 11. Dan Moore, 12. Mike Hoffman, 13. Rick Hart. NT

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-3 Carman, Laps 4-25 State.


Above Pictures From Wall Twp Speedway 7-14-07 - Click on Images to Enlarge


QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Andre Villarreal, 6, Villarreal-14.789; 2. Michael Sboro, 24, Sboro-14.842; 3. Rick Fedrizzi, 43, Fedrizzi-14.946; 4. Jon Saeman, 63, Saeman-14.947; 5. Tanner Swanson, 2, Trotter-15.085; 6. Kyle Bonsignore, 72, Bonsignore-15.088; 7. Mark Burt, 22, Burt-15.088; 8. Sean Carman, 47, Carman-15.090; 9. Terry Hall, 8, Hall-15.144; 10. Caitlin Shaw, 89, Shaw-15.233; 11. Shane MacMillan, 45, Fedrizzi-15.297; 12. Tyler Irwin, 21, Irwin-15.300; 13. Ryan Osborne, 38, Osborne-15.335; 14. Michael Mohelski, 12, Mohelski-15.542; 15. Mike Hoffman, 74, Hoffman-15.583; 16. Scott Hunter, 44, Brown-15.620; 17. Marc Daily, 14, Fedrizzi-15.625; 18. Chris Lamb, 19L, Lamb-16.160.

      FEATURE #1: (25 laps) 1. Michael Sboro, 2. Jon Seaman, 3. Andre Villareal, 4. Tanner Swanson, 5. Rick Fedrizzi, 6. Sean Carman, 7. Kyle Bonsignore, 8. Mark Burt, 9. Caitlin Shaw, 10. Terry Hall, 11. Michael Mohelski, 12. Tyler Irwin, 13. Ryan Osborne, 14. Shane MacMillan, 15. Scott Hunter, 16. Marc Daily, 17. Mike Hoffman, 18. Chris Lamb. NT

      FEATURE #2: (25 laps – No Points) 1. Jon Seaman, 2. Kyle Bonsignore, 3. Mark Burt, 4. Ryan Osborne, 5. Michael Mohelski, 6. Shane MacMillan, 7. Mike Hoffman, 8. Marc Daily, 9. Terry Hall, 10. Caitlin Shaw, 11. Michael Sboro, 12. Tanner Swanson, 13. Sean Carman, 14. Rick Fedrizzi, 15. Andre Villareal, 16. Tyler Irwin, 17. Scott Hunter, 18. Chris Lamb. NT

USAC NORTHEAST FORD FOCUS SERIES RACE RESULTS: June 16, 2007 Chemung, New York – Chemung Speedrome

FIRST HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Jeff Abold (#05 Abold), 2. Aaron Wall (#8 Wall), 3. Jon Seaman (#63 Seaman), 4. Ryan Osborne (#38 Osborne), 5. Ginny Quinones (#00 Quinones), 6. Rick Hart (#22 Hart), 7. Shaun Gosselin (#26 Gosselin). NT

SECOND HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Steven Intravaia (#73 Intravaia), 2. P.J. Stergios (#57 Stergios), 3. Jesse State (#18 State), 4. Sean Carman (#47 Carman), 5. Dan Moore (#04 Moore), 6. Nick Ribbe (#85 Ribbe). NT

FEATURE: (25 laps) 1. Jeff Abold, 2. Jon Seaman, 3. P.J. Stergios, 4. Ryan Osborne, 5. Sean Carman, 6. Dan Moore, 6. Shaun Gosselin, 8. Nick Ribbe, 9. Steven Intravaia, 10. Rick Hart, 11. Aaron Wall, 12. Ginny Quinones, 13. Jesse State. NT

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-16 Wall, Laps 17-25 Abold.

NEW NORTHEAST FORD FOCUS SERIES POINTS: 1-Abold-261; 2-Seaman-251; 3-Stergios-243; 4-Osborne-200; 5-Carman-196; 6-Intravaia-186; 7-Wall-180; 8-Ribbe-171; 9-State-159; 10-Gosselin-139.

July 6 – Williamson, NY – Spencer Speedway
July 7 – Oswego, N.Y.

SHENANDOAH, Va.(May 19, 2007) -- Results from Shenandoah Speedway USAC Carolina Ford Focus Series race.

Rick Fedrizzi of Harrisburg, NC won Saturday’s 35-lap USAC Carolina Ford Focus feature at Shenandoah Speedway. Fedrizzi, the President of the Richard Petty Driving Experience, passed Sean Carman on lap 23 and led the rest of the way to beat Mark Burtm Andre Villareal, fast qualifier Michael Sboro and Michael Mohelski. Carman led the first 22 laps. Tanner Swanson, ninth in Saturday’s 35-lap race, is the new series point leader.

QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Michael Sboro, 24, Sboro-15.563; 2. Mark Burt, 22, Burt-15.572; 3. Andre Villarreal, 6, Villarreal-15.596 4. Rick Fedrizzi, 43, Fedrizzi-15.664; 5. Michael Mohelski, 12, Mohelski-15.673; 6. Scott Hunter, 44, Brown-15.706; 7. Shane MacMillan, 45, Fedrizzi-15.802; 8. Sean Carman, 47, Carman-15.828; 9. Marc Daily, 14, Fedrizzi-16.053 10. Tanner Swanson, 2, Trotter-NT 11. Bradley Riethmeyer, 11, Trotter-NT.

FEATURE: (35 laps) 1. Rick Fedrizzi, 2. Mark Burt, 3. Andre Villarreal, 4. Michael Sboro, 5. Michael Mohelski, 6. Scott Hunter, 7. Shane MacMillan, 8. Sean Carman, 9. Tanner Swanson, 10. Marc Daily, NT

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-22 Carman; Laps 23-35 Fedrizzi.

BRIDGEPORT, NJ (May 5, 2007) – In his second Limited Sprint race ever, Kevin Darling blasted around the outside of race leader Hank Trum to pick up his first victory.  Darling’s teammate, Andy Best utilized the same high line and came home in the runner-up position in his Sprint debut.  Trum rolled home in third, followed by Stockton, NJ’s Sean Carman and Mike Piersig rounding out the top five finishers. 

Limited Sprint Cars
Heat 1 (8 Laps) – 1. Kevin Darling  2. TJ Petroni  3. Andy Best  4. Hank Trum  5. JJ Grasso  6. Jeff Davis
Heat 2(8 Laps) – 1. Jeff Mueller  2. Sean Carman  3. Mike Piersig  4. Jamie Durboraw  5. Andrew Weldon  6. Steve Petry
Feature (20 Laps) – 1. Kevin Darling  2. Andy Best  3. Hank Trum  4. Sean Carman
  5. Mike Piersig  6. Jeff Mueller  7. Dave Brown  8. Jonathan Baker  9. Jamie Durboraw  10. TJ Petroni  11. JJ Grasso  12. Jeff Davis  13. Andrew Weldon  14. Steve Petry

April 28, 2007: Although Sean & The Team didn't get the Feature finish they wanted...they have finally found & fixed the overheating problem the team has had for the past year! The first warmup session was the first plague of the evening pinning the water temp gauge at 280* making Sean pull off the speedway. Sean went out for the timed dash and had the same problem. Before the Heat race the team changed the water pump and had a "plug" fall out of the seems there has been a plug in the water jackets of the engine restricting the water flow through the engine. Sean finished 5th in his heat race and 8th in the Feature Event. Sean and the Team are very excited to now concentrate on the handling aspect of the racecar and they are looking forward to having the Lentini Auto Salvage, Pleasure Pools, Media Camping Center Stealth Midget up front for the rest of the season. Please Check back for updates often...thank you!!!

Above Pictures are of Sean's New USAC Focus Midget for the 2007 Season. Lettered by Dennis Smith of Smith Lettering & Design!!

April 17, 2007: Sean Carman and the Team are in the final stages of completing his new USAC Midget for the 2007 assault on the Northeast and Carolina/Virginia USAC Ford Focus Season. The car was just lettered today and pictures will be posted tomorrow. The Northeast Season Opener is on April 28th at the Waterford Speedbowl in Waterford, CT. Please check back often for updates. Thank you!

Other great news for the Sean Carman Motorsports Team:
Sean and the Team have several new sponsors that they would like welcomed to their team for the 2007 Racing Season.

* Ralph Anthony Automotive Collision & Repair
*Media Camping Center, Fairless Hills, PA
*Ray Fisher Auto Body Inc.
(Please Click on the "Sponsors" Button Above to Visit their Websites!!!)

CLICK ON THUMBNAIL ABOVE! Sean Carman's J&J Sprint Car for the 2007 Season just lettered by Dennis Smith of Smith Lettering & Design. Pictures of the USAC Midget for the 2007 Season will be posted when the car is done. Thank you!!

**Above pictures are from USAC's 51st Night Of Champions Banquet held in Indianapolis Indiana. **

Sean Carman and the Carman Motorsports Team have just released their 2007 Racing Season Schedule! Please Click on the "Schedule" Button above to view it. The SCM Team will be running a full schedule with the USAC Ford Focus Midgets (Entire Northeast Schedule along with Select Carolina/Virginia & National Races). The team has also recently purchased a J&J Chassis Sprint Car that Sean will run at Bridgeport Speedway when his schedule allows.

Sean and the team are currently looking for Marketing partners for this season. If you and your company would like to join the SCM Team please contact Sean at 908-892-2833. There are many different marketing packages available to meet your companies' needs and are available for the Sprint Car or USAC Midget...or both. Thank you for your interest and check back often for updates!!!

2006 USAC Northeast Ford Focus
Midget Series “Rookie of the Year”
‘The Stockton Stalker” - Sean Carman

Sean Carman, the 22 year old from Stockton, N.J., tried a major change in his career in 2006. Switching from dirt racing, where he was very successful, (2005 Bridgeport N.J. DIRT Sportsman Champion, and Most Popular Driver), to the paved racing of the USAC Ford Focus Midget Series.

Sean and the Carman Motorsports Team, worked hard at learning the new racing surface last year. They traveled to Florida in early February, to get some much needed experience, and came home with a couple of top 5’s, and a 12 place in the Florida Region points. They also proved they were going to race as much as they could during the regular season, and regularly traveling to race with the Carolina Series, getting a top 10 in point in that Series.

The real story for the year was Sean and the way he adapted to the paved tracks of The Northeast Ford Focus Series. The first race that Sean competed in with them was a heat at the Waterford Speedbowl in April, which he won. The feature had Sean finishing 4th, racing with the leaders. The Northeast Series competitors knew they had a very, very good rookie to compete against.

During the season, Sean had 5 top 5 finishes, with a best finish of 2nd at the Adirondack International Speedway in Lowville, N.Y. The team was able to get 7th in the final point standings, giving him “Rookie of the Year” with the Northeast Ford Focus Series. The award will be officially being presented at the USAC Night of Champions Awards Banquet that will be held in Indianapolis, In., on January 19th.

NFFS Staff 

From the Official USAC Website:

Sean Carman is the USAC North East Focus "Rookie of the Year"

Twelve USAC "Rookies of the Year" to Receive Awards at Seasonal Banquets
INDIANAPOLIS - Twelve drivers have been chosen to receive distinctive “Rookie of the Year” awards this January as USAC celebrates its 2006 racing season in Indianapolis, Ind. and Arcadia, Calif. The National awards are presented by the University of Northwest Ohio.
Sean Carman of Stockton, N.J. (Northeast Ford Focus Midgets),
Carman had a second, two thirds and two fourths in eight starts and wound up seventh in the Northeast Ford Focus standings.    

NEWS FLASH!!!  December 13,2006: Sean and the SCM Team are leaving this afternoon, Wed December 13th, on their way to Orlando Florida to participate in the 2nd Annual "PRI Sprint & Midget Classic" at Orlando Speedworld. All practice and qualifying will be held Thursday the 14th with Feature Events being held on Friday the 15th. Check back here for updates!!!

    Sean is also looking to for any other opportunities to further his racing career. If you would like to give Sean an opportunity to drive for you and your team please call (908) 892-2833. He would be happy to have the opportunity to represent your team/company on and off the track in a proffesional manner! Thank you in advance!

   October 23, 2006:  Although Sean and the SCM Team missed the Season Finale for the USAC Northeast Series, Sean still finished a solid 7th in the final points standings. Sean and the team enjoyed racing this year and gained a lot of valuable experience racing on asphalt. Sean and the team are undecided on next years plans and Sean is looking for any opportunities to further advance his racing career. Please stay tuned to for any updates as they will be posted here first!!! Thank you for supporting Sean Carman Motorsports!

Please Check out the "Schedule" page for this weekends results. The "Album" Page has also been Updated!

Above Picture - Seekonk Speedway in Seekonk MA August 26, 2006. Sean trailing leader and eventual winner John Seaman.

Seekonk Speedway - August 26, 2006 - In the USAC Ford Focus Midget Series 29-lap event, Southbury, CT’s Jon Seaman went green to checker to post his first win of the season. Seaman started on the pole and withstood three caution flags, finishing 1.5 seconds ahead of his closest challenger. Ryan Smith, Sean Carman, Jeff Abold, a two-time winner at Seekonk in 2006, and Nick Wean comprised the balance of the top five.



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